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What happens when you take a life insurance salesman, a door installer, and a retired pastor and give them a DAW? Pretty much this. 

Andy Kangas

"Emperor Palpatine"

He writes, he sings, he produces. The empire exists because he wills it. 

Andy Bio.png

Matt Kangas

"Darth Vader"

Once considered to bring balance, this guy just wields a saber and does his master's bidding. But he wields it tremendously. Tricked into the dark side well into his retirement, "Mateo" was forced to take Udemy courses on lead guitar - something we all could only hope to do with such grace.

Matt Bio.png

Elliot Kangas

"Storm Trooper"

The cannon fodder of the band. Sent out with the droves - the expendable, good looking, front face. Plus, he's not a bad drummer. 

Elliot Bio.png
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